Specifications ( Property Data Sheet )

Cerrosafe is an alloy made of bismuth, lead, tin and cadmium. It is a non-eutectic alloy with a yield temperature of 162.5º F.

This alloy melts between 158º and 190º F, It is useful for making reference castings whose dimensions can be correlated to those of the mold or other template due to its well-known thermal expansion properties during cooling. The alloy contracts during the first 30 minutes, allowing easy removal from a mold, then expands during the next 30 minutes to return to the exact original size. It then continues expanding at a known rate for 200 hours, allowing conversion of measurements of the casting back to those of the mold.

Designation Alloy     Melting Point     Shape
                  Celsius    Fahrenheit
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Bar
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Block
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Granule
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Ingot
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Lump
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Metallurgy
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Rod
Cerrosafe         74 °C      165 °F     Slab

Chemistry Data

Element   Symbol       Content (%)
Bismuth    Bi          42.5%
Lead       Pb          37.7%
Tin        Sn          11.3%
Cadmium    Cd          8.5%

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Precautions While Using Cerrosafe
This alloy is suggested to be melted in a neat, iron dipper. Heat sources should be removed once it melts entirely and is ready to be poured. If possible, pour molten cerrosafe through a small tube into the base of the cast, progressively removing the tube as the chamber packs. In case the barrel is cold, it should be warmed to room temperature or above before making the cast. Solidified casting must be detached from the chamber either before or when it cools to room temperature. This is because if left in the container over an hour, cerrosafe mixture would stick to chamber walls and become hard to remove. Next, clean the chamber of the rifle thoroughly. Plug the bore of the throat with a small cloth, but not so firmly that it could not be driven out.

Other Popular Uses Of Cerrosafe
Cerrosafe alloy was initially used for toy soldier castings. Cerrosafe is also used for casting cavities such as threads, dies and molds. It is used for casting blind holes, duplicate prototypes in foundry match plate patterns and holding work pieces while boring. Cerrosafe is deployed for spray-coating wooden designs, dental lab appliances, electroplating masks.

Repetitively Re-Melted and Reusage of Cerrosafe
Casts can be repetitively re-melted and reused for other purposes. However, one should be careful to avoid overheating Cerrosafe as it will make it ineligible to use it for recurring purpose.